IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning October 1, 2018, all Idaho notaries must use an official stamp that conforms to the new requirements enacted by the
2017 Idaho Legislature. The official stamp requirements are amended to include the Notary’s state-issued commission number and explicitly allow a commission expiration date; conform to maximum dimensions for rectangular and round stamps; and be “readily visible” when photocopied. If you would like to purchase a new notary seal that complies with the October 1 format requirements, please visit our Idaho Notary Supplies section.
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Acknowledgement Certificate Stamp

Acknowledgement Certificate Stamp

PRICE: $18.00


Always have notarial certificates available with this self-inking Acknowledgement Certificate Stamp. Rather than purchase a pad of paper certificates, this stamp will create an inked Acknowledgement Certificate every time. Simply stamp the document, complete the notarial ceremony and fill in the certificate

This is NOT a Idaho notary stamp.

These self-inking certificate stamps don't just impress with its appealing design and ease of use -- it is also part of a line of climate-neutral stamps. In comparison with previous stamp models, 49% CO2 is saved during manufacture. The residual, unavoidable CO2 footprint is compensated by Trodat's investment in Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by the WWF.


This notarial certificate stamp will keep your hands free of any ink with its simple design.

Precise Imprints

The Acknowledgement Certificate Stamp's crystal-clear positioning window also enables accurately placed imprints. The transparent bottom edges allow for precise alignment each time.

We also recommend the Jurat Certificate Stamp.

Product Specifications


Acknowledgement Certificate Self-Inking Stamp for Idaho Notaries

Acknowledgement Certificate Stamp

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